Rails to Trails Brand Development

Their mission to build stronger communities connected by trails is a bold move. One that I stand behind both personally and professionally. The website was developed to promote its mission, history, and donation opportunities. My collaboration with board members under the direction of Helen Piling helped determine budget considerations and course of action to achieve objectives.

Trail Maps
Rails to Trails - Trail maps

Worked with a zoning commissioner and cartographer to create trifold trail maps. My involvement includes overall layout and print management.

Event Posters
Rails Posters

The target audience is kids and young parents, designed as a playful promotional poster for an annual event.

Grand Opening
Poster Sketch
Rails to Trails Poster

The above illustrates my progression from rough sketch to adobe illustrator application. Posters were used to highlight a new trail intersecting a major section of town.

Event Tee's
Rails to Trails Teeshirts

Screen print design for annual race promoting Rails to Trails anniversary.

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