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Community Chefs

Recipe Search App 2010 - 2022
The objective

To create a prototype app with the ability to build a network of community chefs. Our designs are tested among likely users to determine functionality and overall experience that include searching and sharing your recipe. Our key findings provided insight into how to improve upon search accessibility, how the app communicates with users, and process improvements in uploading recipes.

Applications: Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma, Invision, Miro
Persona and Journey Mapping
Woman Persona
• Easily find a specific recipe
• Easy to follow directions
• Organizing recipes
• No reviews
• Not having ingredients
• Unclear directions
Journey Map

The journey map revealed pain points while sharing their own recipes. Taking a deeper dive, we discovered some areas during the uploading process worth exploring.

Lofi Wireframes

​​​​​​​The look at the overall information hierarchy and strategically placed critical screens that include onboarding, how recipes are found and organized, and how to share your own recipes.

Hi Fidelity

The solution was to format the uploading process in a template encouraging users to share their recipes. Recipes are uploaded in specific sections that include recipe names, ingredients, descriptions, and additional comments. Users also have the ability to take photos of each section, making the whole process easier to understand.

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