Doctor Search APP 2022

Help people search for a healthcare provider in an environment where the doctors information is more accessible and easy to use. The plan is to build and test a doctor search prototype using design thinking methods.

Applications: Illustrator, Photoshop, XD, Invision, Miro
How we arrived here

Secondary research involved comparing markets of similar products. The goal is to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the competition.

Questions answered during UX interviews
What would you like to know about your doctor?

The data sums up my insights from the survey and interview, revealing characteristics of the user's values and how they prioritized information about the doctor. This information allowed me to structure the doctors' bio screen and profile accordingly.​​​​​​​

User Flow
User flow

Provides information on critical screens. This was particularly important as we explored each interaction, optimizing the number of steps from start to finish.


Determining spatial relationships using UI elements provided clarity during the user test. We discovered the original version did not offer a strong “call to action,” delaying the end goal. Our modifications include filters to simplify the number of tasks on each screen.


After a series of user tests, we finalized a prototype that was informative and easy to use. This includes the ability to find a doctor without onboarding requirements.

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