Public Space Search APP 2022

Developed wireframes for a subscription-based product called PostUP as part of a design sprint. The goal is to help customers locate and use public spaces like remote offices. The requirements for the public space vary depending on users' specific needs.

Applications: Illustrator, Photoshop, XD, Figma, Invision, Miro
Woman Testimony
"I met with a client in a public space. Wish I would have found another place because it was too loud and chaotic to get any work done.ā€
Man Testimony
"I'm in sales and often find myself searching for a public place to check emails and make phone calls. It is not an easy task especially when Iā€™m in unfamiliar area.ā€
Competitive Analysis
competitive Analysis

Research comparable markets to explore approaches and execution. Specific observations include overall design and efficiency in solving the problem.

Story Board
Story board

Organizing sketches helped envision how a user would interact with the product by prioritizing critical screens from start to finish.


Making an informed decision with all UI elements in place, at which time I conducted a second user test. The insight allowed me to add filters to the search screen for an easier and faster user experience.


Design sprint provided value in working through ideas quickly and efficiently. After the design meets the stakeholders' criteria, I would contain all the components and artifacts and pass them to developers.